SPEL Change Blog Speakable Programming For Every Language: changelog lang 0615 have to have environment variable 2014-01-01 lang or size related words 2014-01-02 lang can work on translating from C to rpoku, 2014-01-04 lang it can be converted to all the other formats. 2014-01-05 lang sudo epm spel -a all -f deb 2014-01-06 lang 1200 did some work on making the texinfo manual 2014-01-07 lang gzip -9 for ubuntu 2014-01-08 lang 0643 Anyways so I wanted to do the case sort before next release. 2014-01-09 lang so we need new CaseArray 2014-01-10 lang 1800 got it to make case and verb topics 2014-01-13 lang 0604 working on API mostly, but did some code fixes, 2014-01-14 lang but haven't finished making the api either. 2014-01-15 lang 6-14 is small, 15-18 moderately small, 19-25 average, 2014-01-16 lang with null, space, tab and newline that's 32. 2014-01-17 lang similar to what lojban did. Though would have to do some serious data 2014-01-18 lang though I guess for now it seems quite reasonable. 2014-01-20 lang since man page is simply for the command spel, 2014-01-21 lang currently with 10 consonsants and 4 vowels that is 2.5 2014-01-22 lang mostly the info/readme/website which is now all the manual. 2014-01-23 lang a for object, and u for verb. mi i tu a pyamu. 2014-01-24 lang 1057 worked on the info manual somewhat, 2014-01-25 lang worked on info files some more 2014-01-25 lang fix to IEEE later. 2014-01-27 lang speakers. 2014-01-28 lang seems to be it's being reduced.. yes, now i see it in reduce test case 2014-01-29 lang 0705 made bookCreate function. I see that perhaps the love function 2014-01-30 lang it gets all weird and segfaults with the append thing. 2014-01-31 lang 2004 for by the Charlie release, can have lpaku to texinfo 2014-02-01 lang 0026 if we want to be Lojban compatible, will have to remove the short 2014-02-02 lang ~/.config/spel/config 2014-02-03 lang 1147 guess we'll need to make a forwardSentenceGet 2014-02-04 lang 0808 hmmm, now only issue is the whole factorial thing 2014-02-05 lang 0815 excellent yes it was voiceMode 2014-02-06 lang 0755 since we are gonna do some mode stuff, 2014-02-07 lang can rename the old ones, hexadecimalNumbersToGlyphs 2014-02-08 lang 0824 maybe baseSet isn't working properly. 2014-02-09 lang 0649 so we may have to use a bunch more math functions, like imul idiv 2014-02-10 lang book wu bo tran be livre so ya 2014-02-11 lang can have a wordTranslate function that takes a dictionary and contents 2014-02-12 lang for the uh tran statement. 2014-02-13 lang 0725 hmmm it's already slow with the very simple function, 2014-02-14 lang 1026 need to at least put sentence enders after sentence, 2014-02-15 lang 2141 okay working, but is appending after the newline hmmm. 2014-02-17 lang have a SPEL compiler for it, but we can figure out what we can do for 2014-02-18 lang where for a location at, why for a reason for 2014-02-19 lang 0718 can make translations to mkaw also. 2014-02-20 lang to differ.. 2014-02-21 lang go guess we'll need to make a envGet function. 2014-02-22 lang 1538 wrote copyMove and new backwardCopyMove 2014-02-23 lang with docs, locale, info under share/ 2014-02-24 lang segfaults. 2014-02-25 lang can make return call to get more memory. 2014-02-26 lang 1814 so ya anyways send recieve packets, 0x200 size, just like POSIX. 2014-02-27 lang process, once the other one returns, so it'll have to return to the 2014-02-28 lang 0556 so I guess instead of a say command, 2014-03-01 lang also does translate, when not necesary. 2014-03-04 lang if we have more types will put it in typeTranslate.asm 2014-03-05 lang most things are working more or less okay, just limited to rather 2014-03-06 lang 1023 okay nu is also working 2014-03-07 lang there is also another form, where the moon is of known, 2014-03-09 lang 2258 okay well it is working for story, trying for binary 2014-03-10 lang waiting functions, (currently unused, but likely will be). 2014-03-11 lang 0625 hmmm actually loveCommands. 2014-03-12 lang personally I don't see an issue with either of them, they are like 2014-03-13 lang actual words when translating lord's prayer. 2014-03-14 lang 2100 okay finally have all the words of Toki Pona. 2014-03-16 lang can make another one later using just the 3 bit. 2014-03-17 lang 0658 so now if I integrate the swadesh lists I'll be pretty much done 2014-03-18 lang and CVCC respectively. 2014-03-19 lang 0758 yay managed to finish swadesh. now just gotta do leipzig and I'll 2014-03-20 lang state it's number. though that would be 65535 in total, though we only 2014-03-21 lang 0015 found wikipedia page on cultural universals, can get a bunch of 2014-03-22 lang that definition is taking place. A word can as with proper nouns, 2014-03-23 lang 0611 okay so lets get started I guess. how do we phrase it? 2014-03-25 lang as in font, it was saying something abot egyptian fonts being 2014-03-26 lang it's because vim doesn't copy binary information properly. 2014-03-27 lang 0700 started coding reMov 2014-03-28 lang so we can make it work as a subset of the 8-bit part or 1 byte part. 2014-03-29 lang 0712 started coding intelInt 2014-03-31 lang 1503 excellent it works :-) 2014-04-01 lang hello su start be story of intel in ya 2014-04-02 lang the method which is used by Toki Pona is to have a glue word, that 2014-04-03 lang 1554 but still, if I manage to keep it within 64KB which is quite 2014-04-04 lang 0800 weird iterateInputText is 0 2014-04-05 lang beyond the binary quote, it might not be returning a proper length. 2014-04-06 lang which are numeric, it makes it safer to view for the user, and we can 2014-04-07 lang 0721 hmmm I put a wordTrim in phraseGet, thinking that may be 2014-04-08 lang w/e rather than simply resolving the type to it's meaning. 2014-04-09 lang 0716 k so that was 0.4.1.C.6 lets git push it. 2014-04-10 lang 1119 doing all this passing would kinda ruin the top level simplicity. 2014-04-11 lang and jump to just after the identifier.. 2014-04-14 lang different locations, would have the same identifier, 2014-03-15 lang I'll move those to memory.asm 2014-03-15 lang copyMove to the newly created area. 2014-04-17 lang anyways was thinking about the whole packet stuff, 2014-04-17 lang 1846 okay previous test works. 2014-04-17 lang 0438 writing intel label, thinking later on will have more convenient 2014-04-20 lang 1215 so now lets test to see if it works. 2014-04-21 lang language. the code for it would be kimk or 0xE7 2014-04-22 lang hmmm, well I guess interrupts accepts a number as first argument, but 2014-04-23 lang 2042 once I have made a complete translation to intel assembly, 2014-04-24 lang start using Standard C function calls, then can be compatible with 2014-04-25 lang packet-identifier. once the neutron processes a packet, then it sets 2014-04-26 lang codes, is to have a hash-table lookup. with kimk to machine code 2014-04-28 lang that would certainly work for the instructions. 2014-04-29 lang would also need to be able to request a resend of lost packets. 2014-05-01 lang 0734 still debugging, have found a work around, but have to figure out 2014-05-02 lang first one in a long time. next is data variables. 2014-05-03 lang 0552 so next we have to support data variables and such. 2014-05-05 lang executed as a true binary. 2014-05-06 lang in can also be used, as it is in readonly section for instance. 2014-05-07 lang 2219 finished writing it. now have to do round up to nearest 2013-05-08 lang what is the name of a function we can use instead of holdMore, 2014-05-09 lang 0723 wrote multiSentenceQuoteMake 2014-05-11 lang the entryMake would have to be modified or something for more generic 2014-05-12 lang 0632 so likely either something isn't being cleared, or isn't using 2014-05-13 lang 0650 just a slight issue with the rounding thing. 2014-05-14 lang and with the above registers I listed, only had 11, so one can be 0. 2014-05-15 lang the various functions are, so can link to them. 2014-05-17 lang 0710 hmmm nu til or nu by, for arrays of items nu by makes more sense 2014-05-18 lang to the original source code. 2014-05-19 lang 0604 may have to put it in RSS or Atom format for importing. 2014-05-20 lang 0700 got wordpress working with nginx on my Raspberry Pi. 2014-05-21 lang sense. i.e. if someone is falsely claiming to be me.. hmmm 2014-05-22 lang The first sets of any particular game would be practice sessions. 2014-05-23 lang functions. Then we're pretty much done the assembly stuff. 2014-05-24 lang 1754 with the first version we wont have a marketplace I guess, we'll 2014-05-25 lang 0621 so now I have the non array version, that is the bare minimum to 2014-05-26 lang The reason for doing it that way rather than putting everything on the 2014-05-27 lang 0703 right so where were we.. contentsFromMultiSentenceQuoteGet 2014-05-28 lang rentrant code which uses a structure for it's data... 2014-05-29 lang denominator" with both turbo codes and LDPC codes falling back on it 2014-05-30 lang that sentence and return it.. 2014-05-31