lang 1246 so they say release early, and release often eh. lang say({ob:"hello"}); 2015-01-02 lang can simply demonstrate some proof of concept javascript such as 2015-01-03 lang 0559 added support for translation to json ya 2015-01-05 lang 1449 okay now both junctions work, have to add them to phrase 2015-01-06 lang passed to new Phrase, wheras we'd need the ones previous in 2015-01-07 lang G (195hz), boron 156hz D# (155hz), carbon (176hz) F(174hz), 2015-01-08 lang to implement at this stage. 2015-01-09 lang 1624 also thinking insert would be a nice feature, since then 2015-01-11 lang 1222 anyways so roadmap done, lets git for now 2015-01-12 lang 0558 so gotta add grammar support for Arabic ya 2015-01-13 lang 1527 now time for the verifier 2015-01-14 lang functionality ya 2015-01-15 lang 0712 great so I did it :-) 2015-01-16 lang 0724 so next is verb, ergative and tripartite support. 2015-01-18 lang it seems to take most effect for clusters greater than 4 words. 2015-01-19 lang nominal attributes (NOUA) 2015-01-20 lang at least the common ones which are easy to understand, 2015-01-21 lang 2317 got synesthesia bookmarklet working fairly satisfactory now 2015-01-22 lang 1304 can use spelp as a model 2014-01-23 lang replace ya 2015-01-26 lang new locale framework, and also test the web version. but can do 2014-01-27 lang 0641 added mandardin, arabic, hindi 2015-01-28 lang 0232 I've also got to improve the performance of the site, since 2015-01-29 lang 2111 edited the roadmap some, 2015-01-30 lang 1438 updated git repository to reflect the new nodejs branch 2015-01-31 lang 0154 set up my odroid, thinking of moving development over 2015-02-01 lang 1556 moved development to the odroid 2015-02-02 lang 0524 okay got it working, with the codes and all. 2015-02-03 lang sentence.have("nesting") = also_possible(); 2015-02-04 lang 1921 thinking about pronunciation reform again, can make the 2015-02-05 lang 1722 seems like quote extract isn't working properly ya 2015-02-07 lang for most of the code, since I don't really understand how it is 2015-02-08 lang the new words are added to the log. and if there is a maintainer 2015-02-09 lang 0742 expialadoshus! I finally did it :-D 2015-02-10 lang satmak Turkish. sell English. 2015-02-11 lang can add the grammar tommorrow. 2015-02-12 lang Okay quite a bit of different ones there. 2015-02-13 lang n.e.c 2014-02-14 lang 0313 had a dream Linus's wife offered me a year free room and 2015-02-15 lang anyways this will be for the shell/OS level 2015-02-16 lang non-profit open business. 2015-02-17 lang 1637 anyways should get topicalization done before the end of 2015-02-18 lang 0958 cool so it is working. now just have to add topic fronting. 2015-02-19 lang througha bunch of hassle for an exception. 2015-02-21 lang yand from type to word yand rewrote algorithm for word ya 2015-02-22 lang 0745 finished debugging :-D 2015-02-23 lang 1945 superior highly composite fixed-point numbers 2014-02-24 lang 7-limit by 2520 and above (SHCN32) 2015-02-25 lang finance. whereas the floats could be good for representing very 2015-02-26 lang 1013 so I'm thinking website localization seems to be the most 2015-02-28 lang for making products, including CAD, absolutely awesome stuff. 2015-03-01 lang 0822 had to make firstMultiWordQuoteParse also. have to test it. 2015-03-02 lang 0805 okay words for Type with mwak, needs some tuning for 2015-03-03 lang 0708 excellent it is working, now will test in web version. 2015-03-04 lang 0645 I'll make the syntax tree for the readme and then send it 2015-03-05 lang 1200 finalized first version of info/readme.tex 2015-03-06 lang Indonesian. igai Japanese. krome Russian. csak Hungarian. salvo 2015-03-07 lang translation it is best to select places with high demand for 2015-03-08 lang the subordinate text), then we'll add it to Text class. 2015-03-09 lang Krakow, Poland 2015-03-10 lang still have to add subject matching. 2015-03-11 lang 0715 bah, I'm so upset with myself, spent all morning replying 2015-03-12 lang 0825 hmmm in order to use Text stuff, I'd have to either make a 2015-03-13 lang /tˈɛks/ teks :id. 2015-03-14 lang 1506 adding words, and definitions. 2015-03-15 lang subclasses or something ya 2015-03-16 lang 0744 proof of work seems to be a major waste of time, 2015-03-17 lang working on for types. guess I should do compound words also 2015-03-18 lang I guess it is equal if it is both a subset and a superset ya 2015-03-19 lang noun for the verb phrase ya 2015-03-29 lang 0237 also not sure if utility should be in the top few thousand 2015-03-21 lang 0742 okay I fixed it, issue was an inaccurate slice. 2015-03-22 lang 0751 just need to update vocab and adjust grammar 2015-03-23 lang 0644 partially working, okay pretty much working, will sleep on 2015-03-25 lang 1033 maybe should make a meta object, that can have type: and 2015-03-26 lang 0539 so the main things to get full conjugation support, is 2015-03-27 lang piezo electrics or something, waving grass style wind power 2015-03-28 lang names into 24glyph namespace 2015-03-28 lang themselves. such as how quote function does it now. it will 2015-03-19 lang though that might make more sense after at least a preliminary 2015-03-31 lang rather than phrase.. since it's the few dogs, rathern that few 2015-04-01 lang 2321 colors 2015-04-02 lang 0734 but have to update vocab 2015-04-03 lang would be the ideal. 2015-04-04 lang 1625 seems like translate isn't working in type properly. 2015-04-05 lang 0755 there is a bug that it is allowing ununique phonemes if 2015-04-06 lang and to make that easier can use base 55440 if 32 glyph vocab, 2015-04-07 lang which is the confusing part.. since it's kind of an adjective. 2015-04-08 lang sentence, that way onl have to check at creation time. 2015-04-09 lang 0730 okay fixed up for most of tests, just have two more 2015-04-19 lang tyip again 2015-04-11 lang 0650 okay added preliminary catch for it, but now sleepy time. 2015-04-12 lang 1114 I'm thinking that the IPA can be a format triggered thing. 2015-04-13 lang 0151 added stress to mwak for conjugation level 12 and over 2015-04-15 lang 1115 gotta add plural conjugation for eng fra spa 2015-04-17 lang instead of between languages, it would be between a natural 2015-04-16 lang 0845 otherwise next is probably conditionals 2015-04-20 lang 2230 Sandawee and KhoiKhoi also are SOV and the are the oldest 2015-04-21 lang 1337 so how do we implement this exactly? 2015-04-22 lang 1531 seems like it may be best to put words in a "to verb" 2015-04-24 lang with all their fingers, to represent a byte, thumb binary. 2015-04-25 lang 1455 weird it is double translating on input it seems. 2015-04-26 lang being used for something, not sure what though. 2015-04-28 lang 0707 m k y p w n 2015-05-04 lang 1409 anyways so conditionals. 2015-05-04 lang 1414 hmmm so an issue is comparatives, they are different in 2015-05-06 lang vocabulary. hmmm I'm guessing we can probably shift them over 2015-05-07 lang 0604 can tune up mwak for better IPA output. 2015-05-08 lang 2015-05-11 lang 0446 implemented comparatives as compounds words, same big, same 2015-05-12 lang can do some with yaor and while, but don't know how to put ones 2015-05-13 lang su number of bottle ob num 99 ya 2015-05-14 lang be say ob 2015-05-14 lang while (bottle["number"]>0){ 2015-05-14 lang there is also the parallel programming stuff map, reduce, 2015-05-14 lang except that they can have parameters, so for instance if chorus 2015-05-15 lang be subtract ob minuend by subtrahend to difference ya 2015-05-15 lang be multiply ob num 4 by num 5 ya 2015-05-16 lang regular expressions express, but through words instead of arcane 2015-05-16 lang antibacchius poetry, but I guess it's okay. 2015-05-17 lang 1251 okay so next should be functions, blank functions like that 2015-05-18 lang 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A 2015-05-19 lang nordics are vegetarian/vegan. 2015-05-20 lang 0746 so we have conditional structures, (if then) 2015-05-21 lang fix up laters, sleep for now. 2014-05-22 lang 0558 works for English, got to fix the vocab 2014-05-23 lang a SystemC hello world, and try to merge them. 2015-05-25 lang health or safety or belonging or esteem or self-actualization eh? 2015-05-26 lang 1052 fixed up phrase order error was having before, 2015-05-27 lang 1202 debugging can be more highly valued than coding, since 2015-05-28 lang 0613 so while loop, we'll use while 2015-05-29 lang shouldn't get too far ahead of those that can support me. It is 2015-05-31 lang since they are carnivores, their tounges are probably thinner 2015-06-01 lang 0.59 for pressure. 2015-06-02 lang holden. hmmm. guess I'll just have to sell it or something 2015-06-03 lang 0707 added decrease translation for javascript. 2015-06-09 lang 0814 anyways I'm taking a vacation. 2015-06-10 lang 0827 my story "Venusian Investment" got rejected from 2015-06-12 lang 0832 working on rewriting mini fictional autobiography into 2015-06-19 lang 2055 bah, well it would be good to get something done. 2015-06-23 lang stuff that I was planning on doing before documentation into 2015-06-24 lang 1220 So I'm thinking the premise for the WYN game could be 2015-06-25 lang 0837 hmmm so what I really want, and what is actually a much 2015-06-26 lang 2248 I wonder if I could write a simple day-trading altcoin bot, 2015-06-26 lang could then later have a video game that incroporates this kind 2015-07-01 lang associate members can participate in any of the events, 2015-07-02 lang 0420 I guess I'll do some meditation. 2015-07-08 lang something like a fruit of life layout. 2015-07-11 lang 0209 Project Owen Sound LEEDs, making owen sound into LEED 2015-07-14 lang they could also make amendments paragraphs, insert or delete. 2015-07-19 lang 0857 I'll have to try to install and use liquidfeedback, but 2015-07-20 lang people can pre-order or get shares for some kind of product, 2015-07-22 lang 0511 most of them don't seem to do what I intend. I know liquid 2015-07-29 lang that is mostly up to governments, however there is a the "food 2015-07-30 lang followed learning for positive outcome, 2015-08-15 lang 2326 added a bunch of words to dictionary 2015-08-11 lang It will be written in C with all the checking tools I can find 2015-11-01 lang 0038 made a numToLankGlyphs function 2015-11-02 lang doesn't produce llvm output, so can't use it. 2015-11-03 lang or at least to minimize the hard-coded stuff. 2015-11-04 lang 0743 great quote.js now passes JSHint and JSLint :-) 2015-11-05 lang "what about clothes and water? Doesn't he know there is more to 2015-11-06 lang 0820 basically I have to finish that register machine version of 2015-11-16 lang not sure would need more, it would only require 2 bits per 2015-11-17 lang I think next I need to get it to read from file or stdin, 2015-11-19 lang the current version and return the results via my main spel 2015-11-22 lang aren't used for output const. Also can make as many functions 2015-11-23 lang OpenCl, or even just my GPU, it is kind of difficult. says 32Kb 2015-11-24 lang after we have it run from a single thread, we need it to work 2015-11-25 lang or get it all to work with pure emscripten. 2015-11-26 lang 0813 I'm thinking it would be good to have a process that 2015-11-27 lang 0539 okay so it works I think, but only in browser 2015-11-28 lang conversions from char array to unsigned int array. 2015-11-29 lang This could also be used for converting memory to string and vice 2015-11-30 lang will work.. 2015-12-01 lang which would be good for a glyph input/output, 2015-12-03 lang yesterday. 2015-12-04 lang and flip for new word. though I think it would probably be more 2015-12-07 lang now I guess a char to uint16_t array. 2015-12-08 lang 32bit.. 2015-12-09 lang requiring a buffer. 2015-12-10 lang due to illness. but got idea that if verb final strict, then 2015-12-13 lang for such input. 2015-12-14 lang 1748 thinking that even with message passing the workers could 2015-12-15 lang hey processor2 be perform ob function4 ya 2015-12-20 lang generating scripts. So it would give a list of potentially 2015-12-22 lang transactions is a collate function. So there should be some 2015-12-23 lang going concurrently. If a persona asks to be reproduced then can 2015-12-24 lang 2252 jslinted translationUpdate, will have to break up some of 2015-12-28 lang 0731 seems that based on the Russia 2045 initiative, Russia will 2015-12-29 lang 0821 I think I'm getting close to figureing it out. 2016-01-05 lang which ruins anything that gets translated afterwards. very 2016-01-07 lang while I can't parallelize it with webWorkers, 2016-01-08 lang 2240 working on a meditation log app 2016-01-11 lang simply need calculation of day's total, and activity-total. 2016-01-13 lang 0541 find previous function necessary, for elements of entries 2016-01-14 lang Igor suggested Bootstrap for styling, it seems interesting. 2016-01-18 lang information. 2016-01-19 lang I'm planning on upgrading to Firefox OS 2.5 or 2.2, which will 2016-01-19 lang which covers the majority of major language families. 2016-01-25 lang Portuguese 200 million (Romance +Spanish) 2016-01-26 lang 1033 so I'm going to be splitting the rootWordGen, since 2016-01-27 lang 1032 so at a later stage will have to downmix the consonants. 2016-01-29 lang also to start practicing for the pame benza meditation that I 2016-01-29 lang though, which can be signaled by choosing one of the empty 2016-02-01 lang 75% of language speakers 2016-02-03 lang 2. I vow to live in solidarity with the cosmos and all living beings. 2016-02-04 lang 1352 now need something to switch from 16glyph mode to 24glyph 2016-02-05 lang weights by the number of letters, to get a better approximation 2016-02-06 lang currently empty fields 2016-02-07 lang 1415 if a word has blanks it should be removed from both lists, 2016-02-08 lang what word to use, or can find it by using it's synonyms. 2016-02-10 lang ca yina tcistyiska ki 2016-02-14 lang 1410 adding blacklist to find out why certain words are not 2016-02-15 lang 0944 but really the hard part with loading currently is actually 2016-02-16 lang grammar words, such as to, of, for, by in favour of their 2016-02-16 lang and a consonant for eash subcase, 2016-02-20 lang where people can select from various drop downs and use plus 2016-02-21 lang 0845 anyways I'm tired of all this grammar for now, will work on 2016-02-22 lang 0036 got basic irc bot working, prez, next will need to get sris 2016-02-23 lang 1022 so possibly may be able to upgrade stuff so can blog via 2016-02-24 lang 2244 working on bots, making them modular. 2016-02-26 lang 0021 I guess rather than posting by number of days, could post 2016-02-27